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Daydreams at Night

you know it's me for i cannot sleep

late bloomer, old soul.
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Succumbing to consumerism, thoughts on drugstore beauty products......

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Stop the Ghostwriter of V.C. Andrews hosted by The Attic HQ


Stuttering Ears (Deafening the Heart)


The Strawberry Journal

Currently writing my first feature screenplay. Script, complaints about work, outfits, films, and dreams are what's talked about in this journal.
wants to make films for a living happiness and truth and escapism. magical pieces of secret hideaways and goofy pretty girls and the boys who love them.

My favorite dreams.
I gave a reel of my films to Michel Gondry & he told me I had already given him one in another dream. age 25
i am flying down a two lane highway at night and i catch a mario bros magic feather that enables me to go higher.


i love the way French people say "E-mail"
lately i've become very inspired by:

he is man; he is boy; he is funny; he is unattainable; he is scruffy; he is neat; he is british; he is different; he is familiar

children's drawings (may-july 09)

i am still eagerly learning.
i studied film and have a degree in it but am by no means
where i want to be. in my overgrown maze of a brain i like
to think tim burton & michel are my two uncles & sofia
The Godmother to my film babies. i want to follow in the tradition of real
indie filmmakers who have personal STYLE & GUILE.
srsly broke ones who loved making films with their camcorder at
age 9.
chapter next: new york.
chapter now: texas.
chapter 4: tucson.
chapter 3:
chapter 2:
chapter 1: seoul, south korea.

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